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Curriculum Vitae

Mark Lewis founded Lewis Management Resources (LMR) in 1992 to serve developers, homebuilders, and property owners associations in Southern Arizona.  Mr. Lewis became interested in this field while serving on his own community association Board of Directors.  LMR quickly became the area’s leading management company with 100+ clients including master planned communities, industrial park associations, condominium associations, and Community Facility Districts.  During the 1990’s he was active in drafting and supporting much of the early community association legislation now the foundation for the related Arizona State statutes.  As a life member of the Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association, a member of the Tucson Association of Realtors, and having served in public office during this period, Mark Lewis established himself as a subject matter expert in the various areas of discipline associated with the property owner’s association industry.

  • Associates Degree in Business Administration
  • CMCA®, AMS® (1996), PCAM® (2000)
  • Nevada Community Manager Certificate since 2003
  • Community Associates Institute (CAI) Manager member since 2008

Patti-Jo Lewis co-founded LMR. As an accountant and financial analyst by profession, she handled all aspects of corporate and client financials, including direct management of Community Facility Districts exceeding 50 million in issued bonds.  Ms. Lewis developed significant expertise regarding all facets of property owner’s association budgeting, financials, and related audits.  As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for LMR, she provided detailed forensic services for a wide range of clients, including attorneys and auditors.

  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • CMCA®, AMS® (1996), PCAM® (1998)
  • Nevada Community Manager Certificate since 2003
  • Community Associates Institute (CAI) Manager member since 2008
  • CAI Association of Professional Community Managers (APCM) Board Member (2015-2016)

The Lewis’s sold LMR to Associations, Inc (Associa) in 2001 to become executives with the larger, international management firm.  Associa, a Texas based Corporation, has 100+ offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and UAE.

Mark Lewis served Associa as a Regional, and then National executive from 2001 through 2008; then as Associa’s Executive Vice President until his retirement in late 2012.  In his various capacities Mr. Lewis was responsible for legislative tracking, analysis, and action associated with property owner’s association governance.  Mark Lewis has also been a guest speaker at numerous industry events, as well as a published author and “Ask The Expert” contributor of Association Times, a specialized industry publication and web resource.  Mr. Lewis has assisted with industry legislation, including state statutes and federal regulations and provided testimony in several states related to legislation.  Mark Lewis is registered with the US Patent Office as inventor of Community Archives Resale processing software, a program designed to meet the market and regulatory requirements of resale processing nationwide.

Patti-Jo Lewis, while with Associa, held positions ranging from President of its Nevada operations to Senior Vice President of Systems and Logistics.  Her responsibilities encompassed property owner’s association operations and financial management of branch companies as well as their association clients.  Patti-Jo Lewis directly manages the Zona Services Group Community Facility District clients.

Collectively, and individually, Mark Lewis and Patti-Jo Lewis are available to select clients to assist in managerial consultation, mediation, arbitration and, if needed, provide expert opinion services for key matters associated with the operation of property owner’s association management companies, Board of Directors, community associations, and builders-developers-declarants.

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