Zona Services Group, LLC


Providing property owners associations nationwide with a multi-faceted array of governance, financial, strategic, and professional services since 1994.

Principals Mark Lewis and Patti Jo Lewis hold the highest industry credentials combined with extensive industry experience.

Available to assist parties with any/all aspects of property owner's association governance.  Services range from remote review of materials and financials to onsite consultations to discuss specific association, regulatory, and/or mediation needs.  All consultations held in the strictest of confidence.  Preliminary discussion offered without a fee or obligation.

Services include governing document preparation, budgeting, developer-declarant control period responsibilities and transition, election process, staff evaluations, risk management review, and all other aspects of association governance.  In addition, Zona Services Group can provide direct financial management of Community Facility Districts, guest speaker and/or presentation, as well as industry expert witness for select clients.


Is the expert witness and forensic analysis division of Zona Services Group. Principals of both firms are Mark Lewis and Patti-Jo Lewis of Tucson, AZ who provide research, analysis, and expert testimony related to the governance and finances of property owners associations. All expert witness services provided by "Objective Perspective" team members and client identification remains confidential.

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